This evening I've added to the website the strengths, weaknesses and biases of Bandura's Social Learning Theory, and its relevance to society and to understanding child development. Through researching these topics, I have really developed my own opinion on Bandura's Social Learning Theory. I think it is a very accurate explanation as to how behaviour develops, and is extremely relevant to both society and development. I have learned a lot while researching the Social Learning Theory and it has helped me gain a better understanding of why people act the way they do and how it is both their social and cognitive development.
Tonight I have done plenty of research on who Albert Bandura is and what his Social Learning Theory is. Tomorrow I will focus on the theory's strengths, weaknesses, biases and its relevance to human development.
I will not be making a blog post every single day, but I will try to add a post every time I add to the website. I will go over what I added that day and the main things I learned, what I found interesting and what I still want to know more about. For my child development theorist project, I chose Albert Bandura and his theory of Social Learning. For this project, I was deciding between Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Maria Montessori's Learning Theory. After briefly looking up each theory, I chose Bandura's Social Learning Theory as it seemed the most intriguing and I liked how it included the influence of media - a big interest of mine. Regarding the website, all I've added today are the pages I will be using along the top as those are the topics I need to cover in this project. I probably won't be adding much more until the weekend as that is when I plan to start my research on Bandura's Social Learning Theory.