I will not be making a blog post every single day, but I will try to add a post every time I add to the website. I will go over what I added that day and the main things I learned, what I found interesting and what I still want to know more about. For my child development theorist project, I chose Albert Bandura and his theory of Social Learning. For this project, I was deciding between Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Maria Montessori's Learning Theory. After briefly looking up each theory, I chose Bandura's Social Learning Theory as it seemed the most intriguing and I liked how it included the influence of media - a big interest of mine. Regarding the website, all I've added today are the pages I will be using along the top as those are the topics I need to cover in this project. I probably won't be adding much more until the weekend as that is when I plan to start my research on Bandura's Social Learning Theory.
12/26/2016 11:16:08 pm

It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!


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